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Someone give me some feedback. It was written for a person I may have a wee bit of a cruh on.


There was once a heart
Who had loved so far
That it was torn apart
Like a falling star.

And the star fell down,
Fell on through the sky
And sprinkled the ground
Like tears from an eye.

And down soft lips to kiss
The tear's path soon grows
To something soft as bliss
Like the petals of a rose.

And the dear rose blushes
Swaying to the song, shy,
That is sung by the thrushes
Dancing like the butterfly.

And the butterfly in flight,
Against the wind it strains
And makes it's galant fight
Like a voice against chains.

And the voice with her 'round
Can only form simple stutters
And makes no audible sound
Like the heart in love, flutters.
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