:modern_twisted_soul: (gummywormz) wrote in suspicioussalsa,

Unfinshed Poems

Here are some unfinished poems I've written. Leave a comment with what you think!

i remember when we used to sit on the porch out back
we'd talk for hours while your mom brought us snacks
we were closer than any two could ever be
now it's so hard not to have you with me
i can't help but look back on those days and smile
sometimes i just have to sit and reminisce for a while
i would give my whole world just to go back to before
but it'll never happen 'cause you're not here anymore
every now and then i think i you for going away
but i know i'll always love you in that special kinda way


i've sat for awhile, trying to calculate
how to say things i can't articulate
it's so hard to say the things on my mind
i keep looking but the words are hard to find
it's okay, though, 'cause i can say it better
if i sit and write these things in a letter
when i get to see you, my knee's turn to butter
and then when i open my mouth, i just stutter
it's like there's a storm inside of my head
i blurt things out and then regret what i said
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